The First Women Lawyers: Royal Holloway University of London

Celebrating the past to shape the future of women in law.

2019 will mark 100 years since of the passing of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act which removed any barrier to women working as lawyers on the grounds of their sex. To celebrate this forthcoming anniversary the Bedford Centre for the History of Women is delighted to welcome Dana Denis Smith (First 100 Years), Dr Judith Bourne (St Mary’s University, Twickenham) and Charlotte Coleman (Women in Law: Inspired and Inspirations) to explore the legal and social challenges women faced to become lawyers at the turn of the last century and to highlight how much women have achieved in the law in the last 100 years. Prof. Rosie Meek (Head of Royal Holloway’s School of Law) will introduce the event which will be followed by a reception and book signing by Dr Judith Bourne to mark the publication of her new book, Helena Normanton and the Opening of the Bar to Women. This public event is open to all, so do join us for what promises to be an engaging discussion of how the past can help shape the future of women in law.

For information and tickets, here is the Eventbrite page.
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