Inspiring the next generation of lawyers – starting with Blackpool Sixth Form

Published 18th April 2017
One of our student ambassadors, Ndifreke Ekaette, has been discussing the FHY project with a local school in Blackpool. The first of a series of meetings, Ndifreke tells FHY about her first event and the importance of talking to a younger generation about the history of women in law.


Lawyers are a crucial part of our society, an opinion that outlined by Rennard Strickland and Frank T, who once said “Lawyers are the foot soldiers of our constitution” in ‘The Lawyer Myth’. The staple footprint of a lawyer begins at the early stages of one’s development in life.

The charity, Inspire The Future, gives volunteers the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people. They do this by connecting them with schools and colleges to prepare students for the world of work. On the 21st March, I visited Blackpool Sixth Form to inspire the students to pursue a career in law and start their journey at the University of Law, my current university.

The Law is a unique profession that is continuously evolving to adapt to a fast-pace society. Unfortunately, women in the legal profession are underrepresented. The aim of my talk was also to encourage more girls into the legal profession through the First 100 Years project. Blackpool Sixth Form was the perfect sixth form to visit. They are highly regarded as one of the best among state colleges. They also consistently achieve a 99% pass rate.

The students were interactive, a pleasure to talk to and were able to demonstrate their potential as future lawyers. The outcome of my talk has opened opportunities for some of the students to support the First 100 years project, in its assistance with raising funds to document the success of women in law. The aim is to give young people the opportunity they need to create a better future. The best way to make a change in society is to influence a change first. Ignite a spark that will make a permanent positive change. My talk aimed to demonstrate that the birth of lawyer doesn’t begin after graduation of law school, it begins in the early years of one’s education. The next generation of our future can always be found in schools.

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