How We Work

To bring about the kinds of changes that will help girls and women have equal access to a strong and bright future in the legal profession, we raise awareness about the history of women in law and inspire future generations of female lawyers.

Whether the challenge is the lack of female restrooms at a law firm or better mentoring for women inside legal teams, we listen and learn so we can identify pressing problems that get too little attention. Then, we consider whether we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and our partners, whether it is professional mentoring or public events.

We encourage both women and men to join us as advocates for the future of women in law, whether they are parents, colleagues, legal professionals or interested parties.

How we work online

Through historical research, academic records or personal connections, we write the forgotten history of women in law and add it to our database on the First Hundred Years website.

How we work with the public

Through our core team and partners, we are speakers at industry and public events on the topic of women in law. We also organise a yearly conference on women leaders in law, recognising outstanding advocates of the history of women in law and tackling important topics that affect women lawyers.

We collaborate in our research with a number of public institutions so that profession can be enriched through the work of practitioners, academics and all those that are passionate about equality.

How we work with women lawyers

By inviting nominations from the public, we get to know about the amazing work done by women lawyers and after reviewing all nominations, our judging panel decides on the shortlisted and the winning entry for the Inspirational Woman of the Law. Each year, these women are recognised at an official award ceremony hosted by one of our partners; they go on to inspire their peers, colleagues and network. Each finalist becomes an ambassador for the project for a year, with the winner being included in our video archive.

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