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Do you want to make history in the legal profession?

By making a donation to the First 100 Years – the ground-breaking project charting the journey of women in law since 1919 – you will help bring this incredible history to life on screen through 100 videos and stories. The project is looking for supporters to enable us to create a digital platform of 100 original stories featuring women who have shaped the legal profession since the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919 paved the way for women to become lawyers.

For £50 your name would be entered into our Digital Donors’ Wall.

To make a donation please contact [email protected], visit our JustGiving page or use the PayPal donate button:

Thank you!

List of Donors

Alexandra Marks
Alisa Fiddes
Alison Graham-Wells
Amerjit Khera
Amy Sommers
Amy Street
Andy Neil
Angela Holdsworth
Angela Morgan
Ania Rontaler
Anne Bowen
Anne Logan
Anne Siddell
Anne-Marie McMahon
Barry Matthews
Biddy Walker
Caroline Andrews
Cassie Hughes
Catherine Calder
Chantal-Aimee Doerries
Chris Fowler
Christina Morten
Claire Darwin
Daniel Danso
Denise Jagger
Dorothy Livingston
Elizabeth Cope
Elizabeth Cruickshank
Emma Moloney
Fatema Orjela
First Protocol Limited
Funke Abimbola
Gillian Fielden
Grainne Barton
Helen Burness
Helen Dodds
Jamie Wiseman-Clarke
Jan-coos Geesink
Janet Gaymer
Janet Morrison
Jo Hunter
John Denis-Smith
Justine Thornton
Karen Flavell
Karen Tarn
Kathryn Ludlow
Laura Boyle
Laura Clenshaw
Laura Newland
Linda Kabi
Lucinda Case
Lucy Scott-Moncrieff
Mark Shillito
Max Hubner
Melanie Johnson
Melinda Giles
Monica Burch
Nadya Kirichenko
Nancy Scott
Neil Rose
Nicola Avery-Gee
Nicole Langlois
Noelle Colfer
Parisha Kanani
Peter Crisp
Sabrina Raja
Sally Penni
Sangeet Kaur
Sarah Cook
Sean Jones
Selwyn Pattinson
Shazia Anwer
Sophie Tredget
Suzanne Blakey
Tessa Jones
Zoe Holland
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