Supreme Court Artwork

A window into what’s to come… (c) Catherine Yass

We are delighted to have commissioned Turner Prize nominated artist Catherine Yass to create the first Supreme Court artwork to feature women from the legal profession.

The artwork will celebrate the centenary of the 1919 Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act which paved the way for women to practice law. It will be displayed in courtroom two where the first majority-female court – three out of five justices – sat in October 2018.

The artist was chosen through a competitive process and was judged by a panel that included Baroness Hale, President of the Supreme Court, Mark Ormerod, chief executive of the Supreme Court and Dana Denis-Smith and David Standish from Spark 21, the charity behind the First 100 Years project. The Contemporary Art Society acted as advisers to the judging panel. The artwork is to be unveiled in December, just before the centenary.

Dana Denis-Smith, founder of The First 100 Years said: “The Supreme Court is the pinnacle of the legal justice system in the UK, and its artwork should commemorate and celebrate our biggest legal achievements.

“Pioneering women have made staggering achievements in the legal field over the last 100 years and we want to reflect that in the Supreme Court through their art collection. By commemorating these women in the Supreme Court, we will be sending a powerful message about the value of women’s contribution to the law.”

We are pleased to be launching our campaign #GiftHerFuture in which anyone can gift the name of a girl or young woman, under the age of 30, to have her name on a plaque next to the artwork.

How do I #GiftHerFuture?

1. Go to

2. Donate £100 and leave a message quoting #GiftHerFuture with the name and age of the girl/woman you’d like to gift a space on the plaque to.

3. If you find you cannot leave a message, or would rather not leave the details on a message on justgiving, please email us on [email protected] with the name and age.

4. Please make sure you leave an email address and postal address, either on the details on justgiving or to [email protected], so that we can send you a certificate for yourself and the woman you are gifting to!

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