Inspirational Women in Law Awards

The First 100 Years is on the search for women in law who are the trailblazers of their generation, driving much-needed change in the legal sector to make gender equality a reality. Nominations for the Inspirational Women in Law Awards 2019 are now closed.

Following the success of the expanded categories of the Awards in 2018, 2019 sees the return of five categories to celebrate inspirational women across the profession!

The five categories are:
◘ Inspirational Woman of the Year, Under 35 Lawyer of the Year
◘ Inspirational Woman of the Year, In-House Lawyer of the Year
◘ Inspirational Woman of the Year, Solicitor of the Year
◘ Inspirational Woman of the Year, Barrister of the Year
◘ Inspirational Women Awards Champion of the Year (Any gender, any field, making a
contribution to equality, not restricted to lawyers).

The Inspirational Women in Law Awards seek to identify women leaders in law, in the lead up to the centenary of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919 which allowed women to enter into the legal and other professions for the first time.

Women (and men for the final category) who are:
◘ In the case of the first category, 35 or under on 2 November 2019
◘ In the case of all but the final category, a legal professional, for example, a practising lawyer working either in private practice or in-house, a member of the judiciary, including but not limited to CMA magistrates, members of CILEX or the Institute of Paralegals, and
◘ Working in the United Kingdom.

You will be asked to make a submission covering:
1. The nominee’s contribution to achieving equality for women within the profession (by the person nominating, as part of the form) – before 29th October; and
2. The nominee’s response to the question of what a role model means to them (to be written by the nominee at stage two) – before 5th November.

Each part of the submission is not to exceed 300 words in total. Further details about how to make your submission will be provided once you have completed the nomination form as detailed below.

How can I enter myself or make a nomination?
You may nominate yourself or another by filling in the nominations form below. There is no limit on the number of nominations to be made by any one individual. By submitting your details you agree to be contacted by First 100 Years on future First 100 Years news and events as well as in relation to these Awards.

*If you are a First 100 Years Project Champion, you may nominate someone but cannot be nominated for the Award.

What is the application process?

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Stage 1

Nominations made.

29th October 2019

Stage 2

Nominees will be contacted after the first stage is closed and invited to apply for the Award. They will be asked to write 300 words on what a “Role Model” means to them.

5th November 2019