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March 2020
Global Legal Post: Law firms support Mexico women’s strike after profession marks International Women’s Day
The Northern Echo: International Women’s Day: Women in the law no longer a lone voice
Business Live: Barriers Must Fall: How much has the legal industry changed for women?
Yorkshire Legal News: Wilkin Chapman reveals gender equality strides ahead of International Women’s Day
The Times Law Diary
Courts and Tribunals Judicial Website: First 100 Years: celebrating the impact of pioneering women magistrates

February 2020
LawCareers: Gender discrimination remains “rife” in legal profession, research shows
The Independent: ‘The boys’ network remains in full force’: Only 2 per cent of women in legal profession consider there to be true equality
Legal Cheek: Over half of female lawyers have experienced or witnessed sexism at work
Legal Futures: Sexist comments “remain rife” in legal profession
Global Legal Post: Sexist remarks remain commonplace within UK legal profession, survey finds
Irish Legal News: England: Most women lawyers ‘have experienced inappropriate comments’ from men
Scottish Legal News: England: Most women lawyers ‘have experienced inappropriate comments’ from men
The Times: White, male and elite: why aren’t judges moving on?
The Guardian: ‘Casual sexism is still prevalent’: how close is the law to gender equality?

January 2020
The Times Letters to the Editor

December 2019
Legal Cheek: Today marks 100 years since women could become lawyers
Global Legal Post: UK lawyers celebrate 100th anniversary of law granting women access to profession
Law Society of Gazette: It was 100 years ago today: Profession marks opening to women
Scottish Legal News: Cherie Booth QC and others talk life in the law on women’s centenary
BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour: Women in Law. One hundred years of women being able to enter the legal profession
Talk Radio: Badass Women’s Hour
The Times Law Diary
Irish Legal News: UK Supreme Court’s first artwork featuring women in law unveiled to celebrate centenary
Law Society Gazette: Women on the wall
Counsel: Exhibitions mark a century of women in law

November 2019
The Times Law Diary
Legal Cheek: Ex-Appeal judge reveals she was once rejected by chambers over fear male barristers would ‘make passes’ at her
The Times Law Diary
The Law Society Gazette: ‘Women did not become barristers’

September 2019
The Law Society Gazette: Make me a match
Solicitors Journal: Campaign to inspire 100 future female lawyers
Solicitors Journal: Female legal dynasties: creating female role models

July 2019
The Law Society Gazette: ‘Unless Britain can produce more Rose Heilbrons…
Solicitors Journal: Pay gap reporting is vital in the fight for equality

June 2019
Law Society Gazette: Chakrabarti backs time-limited quotas to speed up gender equality
The Times Law Diary
The Barrister: Addressed as ‘My Lord’, banned from wearing trousers, forced to lower their voices and make the tea – new book tells the untold stories of women in law

April 2019
The Financial Times: Can you be a mother and a senior law firm partner?
The Times: Legal bosses ‘must push firms into action on gender pay equality’
The Law Society Gazette: Gender pay gap – there is no excuse

March 2019
Law Careers: International Women’s Day: what does the legal profession look like for women in 2020?
Law Careers: In 2019 we celebrate 100 years of women in the law. What can we learn from their stories?
Legal Futures: IWD: Women lawyers call for “radical change” to aid progression
British Style Society: The Importance of Gender Balance Shared By 31 Women in Business For International Women’s Day

February 2019
Law Careers: Quotas are the solution for women being held back by structural inequality at partner level, argues First 100 Years founder
Legal Futures: “Time for quotas” to boost ranks of women partners
Legal Cheek: Introduce quotas to boost women partner numbers, says ex-magic circle lawyer
The Law Society Gazette: Renewed call for quotas to help women become equity partners
The Times: Quotas ‘must be used’ to force gender diversity at law firms
Legal Cheek: Lady Arden: I was told I couldn’t be a barrister because solicitors would never instruct a woman

January 2019
Evening Standard: The Londoner: Cherie Blair defied sexist Bar advice
The Times: Women who led the way
Law Careers: New podcast by First 100 Years charts journey of women in law
The Times: Diversity ‘going backwards’ in legal profession, says Cherie Blair

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