Women in Law Initiative Pakistan

Published 13th February 2019

The female lawyers in Pakistan were a highly fragmented and marginalized class. The challenges they faced were common but there was a missing link- they were not united, they were not interconnected and had no forum or voice that brought them together. In 2016 Nida Usman Chaudhary started the women in law Initiative in Pakistan that works to bring together female lawyers and provides them a platform for networking and professional development. In addition to that she conducted the first ever dialogue series focusing on women in law in Pakistan to highlight their challenges and opportunities. Her commitment to bring forward female role models culminated in the first ever compilation on women in law in Pakistan that highlights the work of inspiring female lawyers from all across Pakistan. The platform she creates is now used by many female lawyers to organise themselves for causes, to seek professional support and networking and also to advertise and apply for jobs serving the interests of so many female advocates. Her efforts have inspired nationwide initiatives by other organizations as well that are now working and collaborating to facilitate female lawyers. Her efforts have created more space for women and have brought them together. Ms. Nida is truly an inspiration and the torch bearer of equal opportunities and treatment of female lawyers in Pakistan and her services to the cause of female lawyers are an inspiration on their own. Currently she chairs the Lahore high court bar association’s Committee on gender equality and diversity and is the ambassador in Pakistan for alliance for equality in dispute resolution. She is working towards a more inclusive legal profession both for victims by equalising access to justice and for the stakeholders by initiating gender sensitivity trainings for lawyers.

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