The Hard Luck Stories: all true but largely historic

Published 3rd March 2016

I was called to the Bar in 1987. The general mood then was very different. As a pupil, I remember summoning up the courage to say something to two senior male barristers who delighted in singing ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts’ every time I followed my pupil master out of Court. ‘A private joke’ I was told, as they caught each other’s eyes and giggled. I despaired. Women had to prove themselves before they were taken seriously.

29 years later, the mood is very different. There are more women at the Bar. Those of ability are recognised by all, regardless of sex. If I am supposed to post a feminist rant about how we women are all patronised and passed over within the legal profession in 2016, I shall disappoint. We have now a level playing field. We had to work harder for it. That was unfair. But the only thing that risks undoing what we have achieved is the notion that we should right historic imbalances by artificially promoting lawyers because they are female. That way we revert to the days when women at the Bar were not taken seriously – on merit.

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