Stand tall in the face of adversity.

Published 3rd May 2017

I came from a very rough public school. By the time I left school I had been exploited, raped, and abused. It is astonishing how I even managed to finish my GCSE’s. I then went onto college where I became involved in parties (and things that go with them) but still managed to achieve A levels. I then went to University to read law and spent most of these three years recovering from my childhood. Nevertheless, I left with a law degree and went on to study the BPTC. I then worked in a solicitors as a criminal defence lawyer which enabled me to explore explanations as to why the bad things that happened to me, did. I now practice as a barrister in London at a very good criminal set. Through all of the terrible things that have happened to me, I now have the fire in my heart to prosecute and defend fearlessly. Keep going.

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