Per Ardua

Published 23rd August 2017

I was first generation, not only in a profession; my parents left school at 13 and 14 respectively for financial reasons. I went to a direct grant grammar school and came to the Bar having stood for Parliament and being an elected councillor in Camden LBC.
I had to struggle to get started, having obtained a pupillage with Lord Irvine, but survived in practice. In 1991, married with two young children, I founded and was elected first Chair of the Association of Women Barristers.
I specialise in civil and family law. I have an international practice. I advise the US Presidential Inquiry into unsafe vaccines, a field in which I have represented Claimants in UK and US cases for many years. I also do international finance cases.
My beloved son Harry was injured by unsafe vaccines, and died as the result of medical negligence, aged 20. I know a lot about S Ns., and how difficult it is to practice with an S.Ns. child in the family.
It has been tough, but I think I can still help to make a difference, in various ways.

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