Just another Boys’ Club

Published 25th January 2019

As many relatives that have joined the legal profession have all been male. It is quite easy to have the built a idea of this being the only boys club left in existence. However, with my first exposure to the legal profession there was a form of amazement at seeing my gender doing the job as well as any male. Well, how come I was not doing this I asked my self one day. I am at my best in this environment. There is no challenge nor is there any brick wall stopping.
I studied and studied to be the best that I could be.. Furthermore, I had encountered many chambers offering to support me throughout and was provided with the best colleagues to work alongside. Each day has been a pleasure, whilst being a women have come to understand that gender is not a barrier. And most importantly that the ideology of this being an all boys club is utter nonsense. It has become a pleasure working in the legal sector and have found this to be the career that has made me who I am today.

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