A special logo for a special year

Published 6th June 2019
The winning logo designed by University of Reading student, Charmaine Chong, to celebrate the centenary of women in law at the University of Reading.

The University of Reading invited students to a meeting last year to plan how they wanted to celebrate the centenary of women in law this year. A number of the students have been involved in activities so far in 2019 (they have run their own social media campaign via the University of Reading Law Society Instagram account, they have organised speakers and been involved in outreach with local secondary schools) – there is more to come. Charmaine Chong helped by designing a 100 Years logo which the University are using on their promotional materials and have turned into a button badge, and a red and white version to make into a lanyard.

Charmaine Chong, a final year Law Student says the following:

“It all started with my dissertation topic. I chose to write about women in the judiciary, as it has always been a topic of interest for me ever since I was a fresher. Inspired by Baroness Hale of Richmond during A levels, I decided to study law to contribute in my own way towards empowering more women to enter the legal profession. I find it my calling to be involved in advocating for women’s rights, being born on International Women’s Day.

The experience of designing the logo for the celebration of 100 years of women in the legal profession has been an amazing learning experience, and the highlight of my final year amidst assignments, deadlines, and studies. My first streak of inspiration came when I attended the meeting for the project planned by the university. I wanted to create something meaningful for this milestone and ended up with a barrister fox mascot, Lexi Foxhill. “Lex” being the Latin word for law, and Foxhill being the name of the university’s Law School, the initial idea was well received by my peers and teachers. After further discussion, we decided to create a logo representing our Law School’s events.

I used the embodiment of Lady Justice, to pay tribute to the grace, femininity and strength of women in the legal profession over these 100 years, and many more to come. To me, Lady Justice need not be a barrister, solicitor, or a judge. She is a guiding figure, inspiring women to stride forward with strength, like the sword held by Lady Justice, and achieve their dreams with elegance and grace. While she is not in the legal profession, I actually was inspired by my mother’s resilient nature in working her way up at her job. Incorporating the university’s colours from the coat of arms, and its Lancaster rose, I thought hard to convey all the meaning and love behind the idea in a simple logo which would truly be able to represent the campaign.

Like the silhouette of Lady Justice within the figure of number ‘100’, I hope that women in the legal profession will be able to spread positivity and empowerment across the world, and make the following 100 years a greater legacy of women in law.”

We always enjoy seeing all the work students are doing to mark the centenary of women in law this year. Has your University done something special to mark this important year? We want to know! Email us on [email protected] or contact us here.
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