Stuart Wilks

Stuart is a marketing and business development consultant with a law degree from Birkbeck College and an MBA from UCEM. He spent the first eighteen years of his career working with an international firm of construction disputes specialists and expert witnesses. He set up his own consultancy, Limeslade Consulting in 2017. Why First 100 Years is important
Perhaps ironically, I first became aware of First 100 Years through a man. At a lunch my colleagues organised, Dana came to speak and explained the purpose of the First 100 Years project and surprised us all (me included) with the history of women in law. Many present were shocked by the statistics on equality in the legal professions. Despite the huge leaps that have been made in the past 100 years, we still have a lot to learn. I still see on an almost daily basis, examples of prejudice and discrimination – I’m also painfully aware that I’ve even been, (usually accidentally!) the perpetrator of them on occasion. The charity’s aim to educate and understand our history is crucial if we’re to learn from it and improve in the future.
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