Penny Miller

Penny is a partner in the Simmons & Simmons financial services regulation practice which forms part of our financial markets practice in London. She specialises in a wide range of UK and EU regulatory matters focussing on advising financial institutions on product regulation and the impact of current and future regulation on transactions relating to derivatives, structured finance and retail structured products. Penny also advises clients on the ongoing global regulatory reforms. Penny is involved in navigator – the Simmons & Simmons online regulatory subscription service which provides information in relation to over 90 jurisdictions – her key focus is on navigator: securities and navigator: derivatives. Penny regularly presents to clients on key aspects of current regulatory change and is closely involved in trade association discussions and responses to EU and other regulatory bodies. Her recent work includes advising financial institutions on regulatory reform and the implications of various European Directives (such as EMIR, the Prospectus Directive, MiFID), advising financial institutions on product regulation and, in particular, on the impact of RDR and the UK Product Governance regime on retail structured products and the changing landscape on OTC derivatives clearing, and advising financial institutions on the provision of financial services and offering of financial products across the world involving licensing, marketing and selling restrictions on a number of products Penny regularly participates in a number of ISDA and ICMA committees on regulatory issues. Penny qualified as a solicitor in London at Simmons & Simmons in 1997, having been a trainee at Simmons & Simmons. Penny co-chairs, alongside Ania Rontaler, the Simmons & Simmons’ women’s network – The Number One Club – which looks to develop relationships with the firm’s female clients as well as supporting women across the firm, committed to the development and retention of talented women in all business areas and levels of the firm. Penny recently authored a chapter on The Prospectus Directive Regime of debt, asset backed and derivative securities in “A Practitioner’s Guide to the Regulation of Investment Banking” published in The City Library. Penny was recently featured in the BIS “Inspirational Women in Business” Government survey. You can find her on Twitter here.

Why First 100 Years is important

The First 100 Years project is a fantastic initiative which we (Penny Miller and Ania Rontaler, on behalf of Simmons & Simmons) are very excited and proud to be part of. It is a great opportunity to highlight the history of women in law for those in the legal profession and for the general public. The project will allow us to celebrate the achievements of many highly successful and leading women who have paved the way for so many other women in law over the last 100 years. Hopefully, they will be able to act as inspiration and role models for even more women as a result of this project.
2019 marks the 100 year anniversary of women being allowed to enter into the legal profession in the UK. Since becoming involved with this project, we have learned so much about the history of women in the law, much of which has been both surprising and inspirational. Having an understanding of the history in this area provides context for the way we work today and is important when trying to improve the future. Penny and I are the chairs of the Simmons & Simmons women’s network, The Number One Club and have a very keen interest in gender diversity issues and initiatives. Whilst so much has been achieved in terms of increasing gender diversity in law, there is still much work to be done and no one solution.
We are particularly excited about hosting the first annual First 100 Years conference at our offices. We see this as a great way of spreading the word about this fantastic, important project and bringing together interested people from across the legal industry – solicitors, barristers, academics, students etc. We are very much looking forward to 2 November!
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