The Third Decade: 1939 – 1949

Published 18th March 2019
Sitting in Judgment: Women Magistrates and Jurors Join host Lucinda Acland and guests for a discussion of the 1940s, the impact of World War Two in the perception of women in the world of work and for women in the legal profession, the progress and involvement of women in legal academia, rising through the ranks of the Bar and appointments to the judiciary. Special Guests: Dr Kevin Crosby is a Lecturer in Law at Newcastle University. Dr Crosby’s main research interest is the history of jury trial, primarily in England and Wales, and ways in which that history can be used to critique contemporary practices of courtroom governance. @_Kevin_Crosby_ Dr Anne Logan is Senior Lecturer in Social History at the University of Kent’s School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research. Dr Logan is also Director of Studies for Criminal Justice and Criminology BA. @AnneFHLoganKent Find us on social media @First100Years and at
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