Reading List

Below is a list of reading recommended by the First 100 Years team:

Anwar, S., Bayer, P. & Hjalmarsson, R. (2017) A Jury of Her Peers: The Impact of the First Female Jurors on Criminal Convictions. The Economic Journal [Online].

Auchmuty, R. (2008) Early women law students at Cambridge and Oxford. Journal of Legal History, 29(1), 63-97.

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Auchmuty, R. (ed) (2018) Great Debates in Gender and Law. Macmillan Education UK.

Auchmuty, R. & Rackley, E. (eds) (2018) Women’s Legal Landmarks. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Beloff, M. (2009) Sisters-in-Law: The irresistible rise of women in wigs. Lecture at Gresham College.

Bourne, J. (2016) First Women Lawyers in Great Britain and the Empire Record, Volume I. First Women Lawyers in Great Britain and the Empire Symposia.

Bourne, J. & Mossman, M. (2016) Helena Normanton and the Opening of the Bar to Women, Waterside Press.

Corcos, C. A. (1998) Portia Goes to Parliament: Women and Their Admission to Membership in the English Legal Profession. Denver University Law Review, 75, 307-417.

Cownie, F.C. (2015) The United Kingdom’s First Woman Law Professor: An Archerian Analysis. Journal of Law and Society, 42(1), 127-149.

Crosby, K. (2017) Keeping women off the jury in 1920s England and Wales, Legal Studies, 37(4), 695-717.

Crosby, K. (2018) How women finally got the right to jury service. British Academy.

Cruickshank, E. (2003) Women in the Law. The Law Society.

De Silva, C. (2017) First Women. Carrie de Silva.
Hazel, R. (1979) The Bar on Trial. Quartet Books Ltd.

Heilbron, H. (2012) Rose Heilbron. Hart Publishing.

Kennedy, H. (1993) Eve Was Framed. Vintage.

Kennedy, H. (2018) Eve Was Shamed. Chatto & Windus

Logan, A. (2006) Professionalism and the impact of England’s first women justices, 1920-1950. Historical Journal [Online] 49:833-850.

Logan, A. (2007) In Search of Equal Citizenship: the campaign for women magistrates in England and Wales, 1910-1939. Women’s History Review [Online] 16:501-518.

Logan, A. (2013) Building a New and Better Order? Women and jury service in England and Wales, c.1920-1970. Women’s History Review [Online].

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Polden, P. (2005) Portia’s progress: women at the Bar in England, 1919-1939. International Journal of the Legal Profession, 12(3), 293-338.

Rackley, E. (2014) Women, Judging and the Judiciary, Routledge.

Sorabji, R. (2010) Opening Doors: The Untold Story of Cornelia Sorabji, Reformer, Lawyer and Champion of Women’s Rights in India, I.B. Tauris.

Stone, O.M. (1972) The Status of Women in Great Britain, The American Journal of Comparative Law, 20(4), 592-621.

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