Naomi Jones

Naomi Jones is a Documentary Producer, with a background in Production and Development at the BBC and Channel 4. She brings a wealth of high quality, prime time programme making expertise to First 100 Years, after 10 years making History documentaries, Current Affairs programmes and two factual dramas for the BBC (BBC One, Two and Four) and Channel 4. She is known for her instinctive understanding of what makes a great story and her real and relaxed interview style, which always gets the best results on film. Naomi read History at university and went on to teach History before switching to television in the late 1990s. Now behind the camera, Naomi brings her fascination with people and different perspectives on issues and moments in time to her Documentary work.

Naomi is the Producer on First 100 Years, overseeing the development and production of the video project overall and the individual storylines within each video. She will lead the interviews we film between now and 2019.

Naomi is a partner at Footprint, the sustainable Media and Communications agency.