Fiona Fleming

Fiona Tucker is the Head of Legal Publishing at ARK Group, and is responsible for leading industry brands Solicitors Journal and Managing Partner. Her particular areas of interest are human rights, diversity, and access to justice, and she is also a Trustee for the South West London Law Centres. Outside of office hours, Fiona is a very keen baker and runner (the latter cancelling out the former… or so she tells herself!).

Why First 100 Years is important

I’m not a lawyer, but I am a woman. I am smart, capable, and ambitious and I have always wanted a career, and not just a job. Having always worked in publishing, which is a female-dominated industry, I have been exposed to many strong, successful, and inspiring women – though so many of them never seemed to break through that glass ceiling. In industries such as legal, the struggle for women seems so much harder, and that’s why it’s important to for me to lend a helping hand celebrate and support everything this project stands for.
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