Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Published 1st October 2018
Jennifer Horne-Roberts, Barrister in practice in London

I was born at Harrow on the Hill a few years after WWII. My father was a trade union official who helped work towards the NHS and Welfare State being set up. He had experienced great poverty, and my parents were Labour activists.They left school at 13 and 14 respectively, for financial reasons.

Like my sister, who later went to Cambridge University, I went to the local grammar school. The Head recommended that I attend a school for the gifted in France, but my parents refused, though I should like to have gone. They paid for my gap year in Italy studying Italian and art; then I went to London University to read history. I wanted to be an architect, but my mother said they could not afford the long training. My father fell in and died two weeks before my University finals. Though I spent three months at the hospital where he was, so was unable to revise, I gained a good degree.

I had to work for two years to qualify for a GLC grant to read for the Bar, for which I am grateful. I did pupillage alongside the Blairs at 2 Crown Office Row. I have practised at the London Bar since Call in 1976, for the last 25 years at Goldsmith Chambers.

I married Keith Roberts, an eminent Architect, in the mid 1980s. We had two children, Harry and Francesca, both announced ‘perfect’ at birth.

Harry had MMR PLuserix on medical advice aged one, when I was due to give birth to Francesca. Unknown to us Pluserix had been banned in Canada as dangerous when licensed by the UK Government, its name changed from Trivarix. Harry had a very bad reaction to the jab, lost incipient language and eye contact, and grew up autistic, despite a brilliant mind and talents as an artist and musician, inter alia. I write this to encourage other lawyers who may have SNs. children. I struggled on in practice somehow, spending years representing Claimants in the Courts in the UK, Europe and US, mostly pro-bono. The trial on MMR/autism was aborted, contrary to strong evidence, in 2004. We won some cases in the US. Bringing up Harry was extremely difficult.

I now liaise with President Trump’s Commission on Unsafe Vaccines, headed by Robert Kennedy Junr., through campaigners we know in the USA. We lost our darling Harry aged 20, as the result of anti-psychotic medication prescribed by his doctors without our knowledge or consent. We remain inconsolable, though as practising Christians here in Highgate we hope and pray he is in a better place…

I continue to practise from Goldsmith Chambers in the Temple; most of my practice is in civil law paperwork.

I founded and was first Chair of the Association of Women Barristers in 1991. My husband Keith and I had the idea at dinner one evening. The AWB still flourishes.

I am a Trustee of the Harington in Highgate, which trains SNs. young people for work and in life skills.

I was Parliamentary candidate three times when younger, once for Labour, then for the SDP/Liberal Democrats,as well as a councillor in Camden before I took Bar Finals.

I am a painter, emulating our lost,gifted son Harry, and a writer. I have a novel, Lament for Harry, and poetry book online, as well as a number of books telling the tragic story of what happened to our darling son Harry, and of the cases we fought in the UK, Europe and the US for vaccine-injured Claimants. Countless other young lives worldwide have been lost to dangerous multi-vaccines. This is not a popular story but it is true, and Keith and I shall fight for the truth to be told until the end of our days.

Written by Jennifer Horne-Roberts